Bacon Freak

50 Savory Recipes for the Ultimate Enthusiast

Why Bacon?

It’s been said that “Bacon makes everything better.” It’s the truth! Bacon makes all foods better, and because food is life, bacon makes life better, too.

This simple bacon belief has caused bacon mania to sweep the nation. Why has bacon become so popular? The simple answer is this: because it smells and tastes so darn good.

“Bacon Freak” is a cookbook for today’s bacon fan. There are no limits when it comes to creatively cooking with bacon and with bacon’s soaring success, we’ve proved that pigs really can fly.

The Authors

Rocco Loosbrock

He and his wife Yaneth started gourmet bacon supersotre,, in 2001 with the simple idea that food should be fun and shared with family and friends.

Sara Lewis

She has always had a passion for baking and cooking and is often found whipping up delicious dishes for her Husband Jayme and their friends.

Dawn Hubbard

Her and her Husband Marc are avid foodies and beer connoisseurs who appreciate endless variety of restaurants, food trucks and microbreweries.

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